Adulting 101

Hello NatanYalites!

Many of you have followed my journey over the past couple of months and watched my transformation from ignorant starting artist, to complete train wreck, to semi responsible adult. It has been a wild roller coaster of a ride and now that I look back on where I was one year ago I am completely astounded!

A year ago I was in what I like to call, my irresponsible burnout phase. After 8 consecutive semesters of school I had been living the life of a graduate for around 5 months. Completely exhausted and utterly over trying I spend that time partying, not doing my work, and having one hell of a time.

However, no matter how good of a time I made for myself I still had to come home at the end of the day and wonder why I felt so unbelievably empty inside. There was no reasoning for it in my mind.  I had gotten into the school of my dreams, made it through 2-1/2 years of pushing through obstacles and was now living the life of the reckless 21-year-old that I had always dreamed of. Whenever I started feeling depressed about my life choices I reasoned it with the manta, I am 21 years old! I deserve to be an idiot for a while after all of that hard work!! So I continued my decent.

Last December, as many of you remember, was when the shit hit the fan. I found myself dealing the consequences of my year of partying and had to come to the hard truth.

That I was INCREDIBLY depressed and unhappy with my life.

Why was this? I was living the “dream” as I thought in my mind and I had fantastic friends to support my addictions and poor life decisions. I finally came the conclusion why I was so miserable:

I had forgotten my voice.

Over the next nine months I committed myself back to my music, my health, and my heart. And let me tell you this: Although I have put on the illusion that everything has been wonderful and only going uphill from here, these last nine months have honestly been the toughest in my life.

I have never had to make such life changing choices, put myself at such risk on a daily basis, and made myself get out of my comfort zone each day like I do now.

One year ago I had a job that made me miserable, health that left my devastated, and habits that would only lead to financial ruin, depression, and anxiety.

I now sit in control of my domain. I have my own apartment, work three jobs to keep myself going, work my ass off on a daily basis to promote shows and write new songs, and work on healing myself.

I’m not going to say that everyday is a success because there have definitely been the days where I truly hate myself again. However, I can say that my bad days are 10x better than my “good” days of last year.

So where do I go from here? Forward and upwards with any help! I’m not scared of the fears that plagued me last year and I refuse to let anyone or anything take advantage of me again. I feel stronger than I ever have before and even the less successful days are blessings in disguise.


Gratitude List:

1) Shows: keeping me on my feet and making me more productive everyday

2) Support: it keeps presenting itself in different avenue each day and I am constantly grateful for it!

3) Love: for myself, my kitten, my friends, my family, and my music


Have a wonderful week everyone!





Business Savvvvvvvvvy

Greeting NatanYalites!

I have returned to my regular Saturday slot and I am so thrilled to see all of your lovely faces! Much of my life has shifted into a much more adult-like format over the past two weeks. For me, this has been a welcomed change, but also a very tricky balancing act.

I have always excelled when given a structured schedule to follow. It’s not that I cannot function when life turns willy-nilly, it’s just that I have a much more difficult time being productive if I don’t have a list of goals to accomplish throughout my day. Since acquiring my latest job I am now working between 45-60 hours a week from my three combined jobs. This is where the balancing act begins. I now have to figure out how to balance those jobs, promotions, social media, practicing, and other music career related tasks, eating and exercising right, having a social life, and spending time with my new kitten who needs GOBS of constant love and attention.

Let’s just saw that some weeks have turned out better than others! One of the benefits I have found of having to balance everything is the fact that now I have to compartmentalize and stay to a structured schedule. The few moments that I have at home are now dedicated to eating, social media-ing, kittening, and practicing. This has seriously cut down on my Netflix time which is honestly a good thing because I was wasted a LOT of time!

I just got off the phone with one of my musical mentors to discuss how to take the next step in my career. Now that I am self managing I have to constantly wear my business lady hat and make sure that every move that I make is benefiting my career. Long gone are the days of throwing shit to the wind and hoping that something will catch without putting in much effort. I am about to make some very big steps and changes to career which, although hesitant, I am ready and willing to take!

One of them is filling my plate up with different projects to keep me busy while I am gigging as a Solo Artist. Some of these projects you will see first hand by the end of the month, and others, you’ll just have to stick around to see what unfolds~

It’s very difficult to becoming unbelievably overwhelmed with it all and I have definitely had moments over the past couple of weeks where I have felt utterly useless and helpless. The important lesson I have learned from all of this is that no matter what life throws at you, you just have to accept what you cannot change and work your ass off to make a difference where you can.

Everything is one step and a time and I am so thrilled to know that I am finally on the right path and now that I am, absolutely NOTHING can stop me unless I let it.

Here’s the next couple of months and the AMAZING journey I am about to embark on!

To my fellow artists, what is the most difficult aspect of balancing your busy lives? Comment with your thoughts below or some say hi at Honey in Minneapolis this Tuesday at 9:15. I’ll be performing alongside Gaby Castro, another incredible singer-songwriter!


Gratitude List

1) Music Mentors – If it weren’t for all of you supporting me and helping me through those absolutely devastating times I don’t think I would be in as good of shape that I am in!

2) Busy Schedules – Keeping me on my toes and making sure I stop wasting my extra moments~

3) Aragorn (my kitten) – My little bundle of joy who shows me what this beautiful world can offer





September Shows GALORE!

Good Evening Everybody!

For the longest time I watched my friends and peers in utter AWE as I saw them piece together their musical lives. For me, lining up a number of gigs seemed not only impossible, but unrealistic in my current stage of life. I had no songs to perform, TERRIBLE, CRIPPLING stage freight, and not enough confidence needed to keep a crowd listening to me for any more than they were physically required to. Through all of my teenage years I watched in envy as my friends got amazing musical parts in plays, incredible shows that helped them make a name for themselves on the scene, and solos during school performances that I would have given my right arm for.

Well now it’s MY time to shine!

As cheesy as that over-used cliche is above, the statement still rings true. I have been waiting for the day where I set up NOT ONLY an individual solo show, but a number of shows that incorporate everything that I love about the music industry. This month I have been given the UNBELIEVABLE gift of being able to perform at Honey nightclub in Minneapolis for not only one show, but three!

I will be performing many of my solo songs including my debut single, Snow, which you can listen to below:

I am also delighted (and a little terrified!) to start debuting some BRAND NEW MATERIAL along with new originals AND new covers!

But the BEST part of this show is that I get to share it with all of my friends! I’ll be performing with a TON of my favorite local Twin Cities songwriters who are also my very close friends~ Make sure to give them some love before coming out to see us in September!

Here are my upcoming show dates:


September 9th — 9:15-11:00pm

Special Guest – Gaby Castro



September 14th — 8:30-11:00pm

Special Guests – The Floating Perspectives



September 22nd — 7:00-11:00pm

Special Guest:

Laura Johnson




Rachel Kline


honeyseptemberflyer.jpg 2

Can’t wait to see all of you lovelies there!!


Have a wonderful night all of your NatanYalites!~





The Start of Something New~

How’s it shaking NatanYalites?

It’s been a wild summer to say the least! I cannot really describe how much I have changed and grown over the past couple of months. All I can say is that this next year is going to truly help me become the performer that I’ve always dreamed of!

To start off, I’ve made some MAJOR changes in my life over the past couple of months.



I now have a NEW SPANKIN’ WEBSITE! You can check it out below:




Next, I was featured in the HUMAN issue of Shock Value Magazine.

The “HUMAN” issue is dedicated to showcasing and featuring LGBTQ talent and issues from around the globe. Inspirational stories from theTransgender and Intersex community. Beautiful Fashion Editorial spreads featuring Drag Queens, Gender Bender, and Transsexual models. LGBT HIstory Facts, LGBT Music Artists, and so much more!!! Check it out below!!!


You can read the full article starting on page 86:



I moved into my VERY OWN place over a month ago! Here are some pictures of my absolutely wonderful new apartment~


It’s truly a magical place where I feel free to live the life I’ve always craved! To make things even BETTER, I adopting a little kitty critter to help attack bugs and stray creaking noises in the night~

There’s been a whole heap of drama and major life issues that I have had to deal with since June so it’s an absolute blessing to finally have some calm in my world.

I visited Israel in July which was one of the most amazing journeys I’ve experienced in a long time! After going break-less since the New Year it was a much needed vacation. Being is Israel really made me rethink my priorities and how I view my so-called problems. Living for 10 days in a country where my Israel peers were losing friends to the war on a daily basis changed something deep in my core. It’s made me want to work harder for my dream, and not beat myself up so harshly for every false step.


Hope y’all are having an absolutely fantastic weekend, I know that I sure am!!


Gratitude List:

1) Israel – for perspective, love, and a whole new understanding of my Jewish heritage

2) My Friends – I would not be here if I didn’t have all of your support, y’all inspire me on a daily basis and I love all of you DEARLY!!

3) My Apartment – Living with myself has never been so wonderful!







There Goes May!

Well that went RIDICULOUSLY quick!!

I’m sure I’m not the only one out there who noticed that this year has not only been racing, but FLYING by! It seems like only yesterday that I was sitting in my bedroom in Kansas writing songs about messing up and wondering what my life would become.

Sometimes it’s the worst of situations that force you to re-evaluate your life and push you to turn everything around. Once you get a game plan the most important aspect is maintaining your progress. I am WONDERFUL at starting new projects, but not so much at the latter. When I was younger I started so many different projects (Dance class, Piano, Flute, and Guitar Lessons, etc) and ended up quitting each one because of the “inconvenience” effect it had on my free time. I cannot tell you just how much I regret giving up those opportunities because of a temporarily out of commission imposition.

That’s why I am more determined THAN EVER to keep on track, put in the hard work, and make my dreams come true. So what to do when that snarly voice sneaks up during the middle of my day? That voice that screams ‘I’M SO TIRED! I’M JUST NOT GOING TO DO ANYTHING TODAY!!’ and nearly bullies the rest of my mind to go along? Lately I’ve been cycling a mantra through those difficult situation that goes: ‘This is MY choice, MY dream, and if I don’t do it, then no one else will!’ It may seem rather harsh, but when you’re constantly battling an inner 4-year-old, you have to lay down some serious ground rules!

With that being said, this week, although containing some lows, did prove to be one of my most exciting and exhilarating yet! On Tuesday I saw, for the first time, my idol, Lady Gaga. This was not only an incredibly emotional experience but also an amazing learning opportunity! Watching Gaga, a fellow 5’1″ brunette with a massive electronic obsession KILLING it onstage without a sign of exhaustion inspired me. She used to be just as scared and insecure as I have felt and yet, she pushed through her stage freight and told the world ‘You know what? I’m going to do whatever the HELL I want on stage!’ From that she created one of the most innovative and create shows I have ever had the pleasure to witness! HANDS DOWN, it was the best concert I’ve ever attended~ I even made my way to the front by the end for a better view. Lady Gaga and I made eye contact a couple of times and I completed melted in awe. Long story-short: That woman is AMAZING and I’m even more in love with her now!

On Wednesday I received my 10th tattoo, the full map of Middle Earth on my thigh. This was the most painful, lengthy, and expensive tattoo that I’ve ever got. Was it worth the 3+ hours of pain and intricate detailing? HELLS TO THE YES! I have NEVER been this in love with a tattoo before! I decided on the map as a reminder of two very important lessons I learned from the trilogy:

1. If Frodo and the rest of the Fellowship could completed the MOST EPIC JOURNEY of all time, then the stars the limit for my dreams!

2. Even the most epic of journeys only takes place from The Shire (top left of my thigh) to Mordor (bottom right corner). Be humble and keep matters in perspective.

I cannot tell you how much I am looking forward to this weekend! My parents and little brother are coming into town this morning and with their help, hopefully I’ll have a new apartment to live in by the end of the weekend! I am also acting a spokesmodel for Mr. Misunderstood at Soundset on Sunday.

There are so many bright and shiny opportunities waiting for my. All I have to do it reach out and take what is mine!


Gratitude List:

1. Reality Checks – We all fall of the wagon and we all need a little push from time to time. Better to learn your lessons while you can still change the outcome!

2. My Family – having my back since 1992 :)

3. May – It’s been a wonderful month and I am THRILLED that everything is finally in full bloom, ready for the WILDEST summer on record!


Keep it Classy NatanYalites!




The Climb

This past month has changed my life!

Over the last couple of weeks I have traveled all over the region and completed my very first tour! This tour was an incredible experience for me as a Solo artist. I haven’t performed my own material in front of a crowd since my guitar days of 13. Every performance proved the sheer amount of work that I need to put in and focus on each area. Especially those where I was not as satisfied as I could be. It also taught me how to promote myself and sell merchandise. For a socially awkward girl, the latter was definitely a kick outside my comfort zone!

So how do I feel after everything that has happened? ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC! I have never felt this comfortable in my performing abilities as I do now. I am now not only afraid to step up as a band leader, but take a hard look at myself and find what I need to do personally to succeed.

The next couple of weeks are going to be nose to the grindstone work. I have so much to do and I already feel myself retreating back. Whenever I am faced with a difficult time I always find myself searching that one excuse to let me off for the day. I know that there are tickets to sell, songs to practice, homework to assign, media to push, and creativity to inspire, but I keep sabotaging myself through procrastination. I need a new change of scenery and a better outlook to turn this around. I don’t want to blow one of the largest opportunities I’ve been granted because I wanted to take a breather. I have to keep pushing myself until I don’t hit walls of procrastination anymore.

So how am I going to do this? That seems to be a common theme in my blog. As y’all know my cycle is accurately summed up as: Natalie has a problem –> Natalie procrastinates on the problem –> Problem worsens and turns more extreme –> Natalie feels bad about herself and takes forever to get back on her feet.

I am going to break this cycle by setting up lines of support to help kick me back into shape. I want to start setting goals with rewards at the end for incentive. To reward myself for working so hard I am getting a new tattoo next Wednesday as well as a new hairstyle. Hopefully that little kick and change in persona will help me kick my bad habits.

For those of you who aren’t regulars, here are a couple of events that are happening over the next month:

1) Promoting at Soundset for my clothing sponsor Mr. Misunderstood

2) Recording my single ‘Cosplay Party’

3) Shooting and releasing the music video for ‘Cosplay Party’

4) Headlining the West by West Bank music festival

5) Launching NatanYael to the National Stage

It’s going to be a hell of a lot of change, but I’m ready for a new outlook. I’ve been in self-deprecating college mindset for FAR too long!


Gratitude List

1) My manager – LORD KNOWS what I would do without this lady! She is constantly pushing me to the be the best version of a performer and human being. Thank you Naj!

2) My band – they understand my crazy musical mind and have transformed my little ditties into full-fledged songs!

3) My resolve – I’ve been slipping slightly but I know that with a little pep-talk and a major clean up of my life I’ll be back at the top in no time!


Until next week!

Keep it Classy NatanYalites!!



Inspiration Kick


These past couple of weeks have been a HUGE revelation! So many life changing events have occurred that I hardly know where to begin. To start off let’s just say that life decided to slap me in the face with a harsh dose of reality. This reality also came with a heaping side of perspective to help me mull over everything.

With new opportunities also came a complete revamp of my schedule. In the mornings I wake up about as distracted as one can possibly be. It’s very difficult for me to stick to a set schedule even I’ve pumped myself up for the new possibility. As soon as I get up my inner child wines about having to do day-to-day tasks and puts up one hell of a temper tantrum. So how do you handle a 4-year-old? By sucking it up, putting on my big lady pants, and making myself do the task regardless.

In some ways I feel as if now that I am independent woman, instead of rebelling against my parents and teachers I’m starting to rebel against myself. This is a tragic story seeing as I am purposefully stepping in front of my own train to sabotage my dreams and hopes. I’ve gotten to the point where I can recognize as soon as the sabotage starts to take place, but still have difficulty taking an alternative actions. Why do I keep sabotaging myself, you may ask? Because I am a 21-year-old and that is OUR SPECIALITY! Here are a couple of other joyous life decisions I make as well:

1) Self-Sabotage, in ALL forms

2) Over-Dramatization, EVERYTHING is a crisis when you’re 21!

3) Guilt Trips, not just your regular kind reminders, but full beat downs

4) Broken Cycles, I’m still trying to live my life responsibility free like I did during my teenage years.

To quote my mother, “You know that I love you to death and would do everything in my power to help you…but I’m getting REALLY tired of all of this trauma-drama!” 

Each day will continue to improve, and hell, there will be days (like the back half of this week) where I will fail so spectacularly that the only way to go is up! But enough of that, back to the main point of this blog post, my inspiration kick!

With all of the wonderful life events that have decided to show themselves during these past two weeks I have been given plenty of song ammunition. Because of that, I have written not one, but two new songs that will be debuting themselves in over a year from now on my sophomore album. This new album that I’m writing is already miles apart from my upcoming debut. I want to keep growing and evolving as a musician so that one day when you listen to my music chronologically you’ll hear my full story.

These next couple weeks are going to be a full learning experience. Every weekend I’ll be out on tour and ready to keep improving my stage skills bit my bit. It’s an unbelievably exciting time and I cannot wait to share more music with all of you lovely people!

Gratitude List:

1) My Manager – you are the extra push I need when I start getting lazy, I don’t know what I would do without you!

2) My Website – for the first time EVER I finally have a website for my music, you can check it out here –


3) My Support System – we’ve been through hell over the past couple of months and I could not have gotten through what I did without your love!


Thanks Everyone!